Curls Night Out Recap

One month after our first ever Curls Night Out hosted with DevaCurl, we are still giddy with excitement from all the gorgeous curls we got to host in one place at one time. It was quite a sight to see…

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We wanted to reach out to our curly community and offer support for the unique set of hair care problems that naturalistas and curlistas face – frizz, lack of curl definition, confused curl pattern, dryness…the list goes on. Am I right, curly heads?


From 2A to 4C, we invited curly ladies and gentleman to join us for one-on-one consultations, free No Poo Transformation styling services specially formulated for each type and texture, snacks, and free goodies. We raffled off a DevaDiffuser to one lucky guest and offered special deals on hair care packages and curly hair services.

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The salon felt better than ever as new friends and old ones shared their stories, swapped styling ideas, and felt the relief in knowing that others also share the same frustrations about their hair. We know that curly hair requires a bit more time and attention than straight hair, but our stylists worked hard to ensure everyone left the event feeling more confident about embracing their tresses and caring for their curls.


After the major success of our first Curls Night Out, we are anxious to plan and host our next event. If you missed out, don’t worry – we will be opening our doors for you again soon! In the meantime, here are some curly hair resources to hold you through:

  • Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with a DevaCurl stylist by visiting our website or by calling 757-200-8890
  •  Click Here to read DevaCurl’s tips, tricks, and stories on caring for curly hair
  • Watch a Client View perspective on our Curls Night Out event here

If you’d like to stay updated on our Curly Hair events, new DevaCurl products and services, and be first to hear about promotions designed especially for you, email and ask to be kept in the loop.


See you soon!

– Team Versus


Some of the hottest hair trends in 2016 involved color – balayage, hair feathering, neon colors. With clients coming in left and right full of fun inspiration and ideas for color, Versus stepped up the color game in the last several months.


While coloring the hair gives an amazing look, it is damaging to the hair. Ammonia in hair color aggressively breaks through the hair cuticle, which is its natural protection, so that it can get the molecules of color inside. Peroxide, which strips the natural color from your hair to make room for the new color, leaves the hair dry and straw-like. Each time this process is repeated, more and more permanent damage is done to the hair.


So what do you do when your grays start creeping in but you’re worried about damage?




Olaplex is a chemical treatment that repairs damage, restores shine, and promotes health in the hair shaft. When applying color to the hair, Olaplex acts as an insurance policy against damage. To further explore just how Olaplex can help, our receptionist Chelsea decided to have some fun with color and experiment with the product.


First, Deniece bleached some peek-a-boo highlights into Chelsea’s hair without using an Olaplex treatment, then went over them with Pravana and Kenra blues. Blue is a notoriously difficult color to get out of the hair and tends to stick around for much longer. After the process was finished, Chelsea was absolutely in love with her peacock highlights, but the damage done from the large amount of color combined with Chelsea’s love for hair straighteners and curling wands, was noticable. Her hair was dry and frizzy.


Several weeks later, Shells was tasked with removing the blue from Chelsea’s hair. Rather than adding more highlights, Chelsea decided to do full color. This time, though, an Olaplex treatment was added to the color. Using Pravana Vivids, Shells turned Chelsea’s hair into a purple and pink masterpiece. At the end of the color service, Chelsea’s hair was soft, shiny, workable, and healthy – healthier even than before any color at all. This sheen and shine continues to last weeks after the Olaplex was applied.




The moral of the story here, friends, is that Olaplex is absolutely worth it. If you are applying color to your hair, it is essential that you help to repair some of the damage done. They say beauty comes with a price, and in the case of having color added to your locks, that price is extensive damage. Olaplex will not only reverse damage done, but prevent future damage.


When you book your next color appointment with Versus, be sure to specify that you would like an Olaplex treatment. We are here to help you feel your most beautiful, and your hair to feel its healthiest.

Calling All Curly Girls

Attention Curly Girls!

Let’s talk about those curls. Let’s give a shout out to all you women who could never just wake-up-and-go, who have spent hundreds of dollars on product looking for the one that works for your hair, who have hopped from salon to salon looking for a stylist who can treat your curls with respect. We’ve all had that salon experience where you leave with flat hair, awkward curls, and handfuls of product that you think will help, but turns out it won’t.

We see you. And we finally have an answer for you.



Versus Salon is one of only two salons in the Hampton Roads area that houses certified DevaCut stylists. But what does this mean exactly?

DevaCut is a method of dry cutting hair and using specially formulated products that cater to your unique curls. We know that no two curls are the same – sometimes even on the same head of hair! Traditional haircutting methods don’t really cater to this reality and many common shampoos, conditioners, and stylers can leave curls dry, awkward, and frizzy. That’s not the look we’re going for. We are specially trained to keep your curls, of any kind, bold and beautiful.


So what does a DevaCut appointment look like? First you will consult with your stylist and talk about those curls. They’re a part of who you are, a part of what makes you and your look completely unique, and many straight-haired ladies spend just as much time trying to obtain your curls as you do trying to tame them. We want you to be proud of your natural curl and embrace it! We will focus on teaching you how to do that without breaking the bank with new products every few months.

Then, it’s time to chop away. Our DevaCut certified stylist will use her special training to cut your curls down in a way that suits the shape of your face, the shape of your curls, and the look you desire. Afterwards, you’ll head to the shampoo bowl where your stylist will determine the best DevaCut products for you to use. Did you know that wavy hair and curly hair have totally different maintenance requirements and product needs? We’re here to help you determine which are best for you. Let’s end this product guessing game.

We guarantee that you’ll never leave our salon with flat curls, awkward curl patterns, or that frizzy poof that all curly girls know too well.


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Versus Salon 15th Anniversary Client Appreciation Party

This December, Versus Salon celebrated 15 years of beauty and success! Anyone who has been in the beauty industry knows that this accomplishment takes dedication, sacrifice, and more support than you could even imagine. To express our deep gratitude for the clients, suppliers, and friends who have supported this journey, we threw a Client Appreciation Party.


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Although 15 years is quite an accomplishment as a business owner and hairstylist, it was really important to Michelle that the clients were the real stars of the night. After all, nothing would be possible without them. Our guests were treated to complimentary makeovers, courtesy of graduates from The Makeup School by Sarah Rillon. They also had the opportunity to receive free Henna tattoos and share their stories with Karma Henna.

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Desserts were provided by Hummingbird Macarons of Norfolk. The macarons and cupcakes were a huge hit with our guests! Everyone left with a gift bag full of samples provided by Design Essentials, Influance, Schwarzkopf, Pravana, and DevaCurl. We also had door prizes like Versus T-shirts, free product coupons, and one Grand Prize winner was awarded a Free Complete Makeover. Beneath the bright lights, pumping music, and bouts of hysterical laughter from memories shared, it was an amazing night and a beautiful reflection of what 15 years of hard work can provide.


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Thank you to everyone who came to join us, everyone who was there in spirit, and each client that has passed through the doors of Versus over the last 15 years. A lot has changed in that time but the love and care that is put into every single appointment will never change.




Happy Saturday from Versus Salon! It's March Madness time. We enjoy basketball and love getting all glam for the live college games. Join us next weekend as the MEAC tournament hits Hampton Roads.

The salon will be open until 10PM Friday and Saturday to ensure you look your best for the games and the parties. We will serve light refreshements. Come out and have fun with us. Get glam with us!