Mother’s Day Makeover Contest


What would we do without our mothers!?

In celebration of all of the wonderful mothers who inspire and encourage us to be the best women we can be, we are offering a FREE Makeover for one lucky mother this Mother’s Day!

She will be invited into our salon for a day of pampering, which will include:

 – A Healthy Hair Steam Treatment

– An End Trim

– Blowout Style

– Makeup Application




Send an email to telling us what makes your mom so special!

Versus Brides

Wedding season is approaching quickly and it’s one of our favorite times for playful updos and elegant styles.


Photo by Daissy Torres Photography

Photo by Daissy Torres Photography


We offer free consultations for brides to discuss their hair and beauty goals for their special day, and a trial run beforehand to ensure every hair is in place before your walk down the aisle.


Photo by Tiffany Joyce

Photo by Tiffany Joyce


Each of our brides receives an Emergency Hair Kit on the morning of their fairytale to ensure she’s prepared for any last minute touch-ups before her forever begins.



We can’t wait to be a part of the best day of your life <3


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We are elated to be running in this year’s Best of Hampton Roads Contest!

Our mission is to serve Hampton Roads by providing healthy hair support for all types and textures, and as the only Curl Specialty salon in our area, being the Best of Virginia Beach would be an absolute honor!

You can help support us by voting one of these two ways:

– Visit

– Text “CUXA” to 21333

Voting runs from March 5th – March 21st

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love and serve our community every day!

February Product of the Month

One of our 2018 Goals is to provide more ways for our clients to keep their hair healthy with high-quality products and promotions to help you save!

We are pleased to introduce our first Product of the Month! 


Matrix Color Last Shampoo + Conditioner is ideal for use after coloring your hair. This special formula helps to keep your new tone bright, shiny, and solid to get a longer life out of your color application. Color Last is paraben-free which allows for a gentle cleanse and condition without unnecessarily stripping color, which gets you more time between color retouch appointments.

For the month of February, purchase the shampoo + conditioner set and receive 10% off!

ODU Protect Your Puffz Natural Hair Expo Recap

This week we were honored to attend the Protect Your Puffz Natural Hair Expo, hosted by the RhoNu Zetas at Old Dominion University. Curly, natural hair filled the room and we had an amazing time talking about healthy hair!


Our goodie bags went fast but we talked to so many students who are experiencing hair concerns, growth goals, and confusion about what the best hair care routine for their unique hair type is. With so much information buzzing around online, we were on-site to bust any natural hair myths and offer consultations to help students accomplish their hair goals. While working so hard in school, we hope that we were able to relieve a little stress from naturalistas who are working on their New Year, New Me goals.



To show the unique diversity of services that Versus offers, we had our braider Corvette on-site showing the process of one our most popular protective styles – Faux Locs.



It is always such an honor to support our local students and naturalistas. We are so excited for the next Protect Your Puffz expo and other exciting events in 2018 intended to offer support to our local curly and natural hair communities. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @VersusSalon to stay updated on where you can find us next!

Scissors vs. Shears – Leave it to the Pros

We get it – you’re very busy, your wallet is a bit strapped with the holidays approaching, and you don’t want to make a trip all the way to the salon just to trim up your bangs that are driving you mad. It starts to feel like your dead ends have a personal vendetta against you and your ability to style your hair, your preferred stylist is booked, and standing in front of the bathroom mirror you decide you’ve had enough. When this happens to you, we want you to take a deep breath, back away from the kitchen scissors, and call your stylist. Here’s why –


Hair cutting shears are designed with specially-sized blades and razor sharp edges to provide a blunt, even cut at the end of the hair shaft. This prevents the hair from breaking and becoming damaged, and ensures a more even grow-out.



When using house scissors to cut hair, which have a larger blade that is typically much more dull than shears, cutting causes jagged ends, split ends, and damaged hair shafts. This can hinder hair growth, shine, and overall health of your mane. If the proper technique is not used to trim grown-out bangs, the hair can revolt and stick straight out, straight up, or work against natural cow-licks.



Haircutting shears are a specially-designed tool, are generally quite expensive, and so is the training that stylists receive to ensure their technique provides desirable results, so next time your ends need a trim, we kindly ask that you Leave It To The Pros.


Precision Cuts Require Sharp, Smooth, Skinny Blades 

What Do You Get The Person Who Has It All?

While the holidays are a time of celebration, love, and togetherness, we know they’re also often a time of stress and hurry to get the best possible gifts for the ones you love the most. How do you know that you’ll get it right? What if your gift-purchasing plan is a bust? This year, we thought we would relieve the pressure by offering you a few solid ideas that are guaranteed to make your loved ones feel special!

Here are the top three gift ideas we are serving up for you:

  1. Purchase a Package – It’s a gift that keeps on giving! You can purchase one of our hair care packages that will ensure your loved one has their hair needs taken care of for the rest of the year. As one less thing they have to worry about, your healthy hair goddess is certain to appreciate this stocking stuffer and will continue to throughout the year. This is the perfect give to give the person who is always hustling to stay on top of their beauty game! Our Healthy Hair Package is ideal for someone who is transitioning or considering a major makeover. Packages range from $140 – $195.

  2. Gift Card Special – We all have that person in our lives who is obsessed with their hair. Don’t even get us started on the amount of different products they’re always trying. The bathroom vanity is covered, the closets are stocked, and somehow every time they leave the house they come back with more. Curly Girls, we’re looking at you… What better gift to give than a gift card that your beauty queen can use to get her hair slayed, plus a bonus credit she can use to get “just one more” product! Through the end of the year, purchase a $50 gift card and receive $75 to spend, or purchase a $100 gift card and receive $125 to spend.

    Photo by Daissy Torres Photography


  3. Treat Yourself – Has your loved one been busier than ever, desperate to catch up, feeling unlike themselves lately? It’s been a tough year, we know. The old adage is true – look good, feel good. For the holidays, surprise your busy bee with a Makeover Monday. Book an appointment for any hair service on a Monday and receive a FREE full-face makeup application. We’ll even have a photoshoot to remind her that she’s an absolute star!