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Each year, Team Versus participates in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides walk for Breast Cancer Awareness! This year we hope to raise $500 in support of those who have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. As a female owned and operated business, it is important to us to support our fellow women in the fight against tragic reality.

You can help us by donating to our fundraiser HERE

Summer Necessities

We’ve been dreaming of summer since the first day of cool weather last year, but now that it has arrived it seems we forgot the troubles that heat, humidity, and sweat bring to our good hair days. We’ve put together a list of some of our top must-have products for summer to keep your look lasting through the warmest, wettest days!

  1. Pravana Nevo Intensive Therapy

    There are so many reasons why we love this leave-in conditioning treatment by Pravana. It works well for all textures of hair and can substitute many of the products we guarantee you have on your home beauty bar. Did you know that your hair can be damaged by UV rays from the Sun just like your skin can? This product will protect you from sun damage! In addition, it also serves as a detangler, a deep conditioner, a color-safe anti-humidity eliminator, and reduces discoloration from chlorine. Blondes – this is especially important for you!

  2. Mizani’s Humidity Resist Holding Spray

    This holding spray is a perfect finish for natural hairstyles to reduce frizz, “poofiness”, and adds a light shine to your silky styles. We can’t get enough of this spray for locking down your summer styles!

  3. Matrix Miracle Creator At-Home Treatments

    If you’ll be leaving town for your summer vacation and missing some of your treatment appointments, toss these miracle-makers in your carry-on and keep up with your Healthy Hair regimen wherever you are! It only takes 60 seconds and leaves hair feeling noticeably hydrated.

  4. DevaCurl Treatments

    Curly Girls – we know what can happen when your curls experience a little neglect in the summer. Salty beach waves are a summer stunner’s goal, but the lasting effects on your curl pattern are less than desirable. We have travel-friendly treatments available for you to take on the go and keep your curls fresh wherever your summer adventures take you. The Buildup Buster is perfect if time between washes gets to be too much and your hair needs a thorough cleansing – especially after swimming in chemical-filled pools! Deep Sea Repair is perfect for clients spending lots of time in ponytails and could use an extra boost of strength. Melt Into Moisture is a go-to for any curlista, as hydration is typically needed more for clients with curls. After a day in the sun, add some extra moisture to your locks with this ultra hydrating mask.

Don’t forget to also keep your scalp safe during the warm-weather months by applying sunscreen to your hairline and your ears, wearing a hat or head cover whenever spending time in the outdoors, and don’t forget to pre-book your appointments during our busy summer holiday times!

FAQ: Shampoo/Cut/Blowdry vs. DevaCut

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What is the difference between a regular haircut and a DevaCut?” or “Why can’t I just get a regular haircut with curly hair?”




A standard haircut, or a Shampoo/Cut/Blowdry, is a service in which the hair is cleansed and conditioned, then the cut is performed on wet hair. This allows for precision cutting and ease of styling after the cut is finished. This service works best on straight hair since the hair shaft doesn’t change shape as much as it dries.

When curls are wet, though, their shape is altered and often stretched. If a cut is performed on wet curls, once they dry and shrink back to their natural bouncy pattern, the cut and shape of the hair will be totally different from when it was wet. Many curly girls who receive a standard haircut in salons will complain of awkward “triangle” shapes and have difficulty styling their hair after their service.

 Cutting curls and curly hair care in general is unfortunately not taught in general cosmetology programs, leaving curly girls underserved and misunderstood in most salon environments. Our DevaCurl stylists are specially trained and certified to cut, shape, color, and style curly hair in a way that maximizes each clients’ unique curl pattern.

During a DevaCut service, clients are asked to arrive with their hair completely dried and free of ponytails that may affect the way their curls naturally fall. The cut is performed first to create shape and maintain the health of the hair. It is only after the cut has been completed that the curls are washed and styled with a custom cocktail of curl products. We know that no two curly heads are alike!

Why DevaCurl? In our salon, we serve all varieties of curls – from Beach Waves to 4C Afros. After 6 years of research on curly hair products, DevaCurl was the best option to serve a variety of curl patterns and client concerns. This product line truly has something for everyone, and the diverse range of products allows our team to customize blends unique to each client’s needs. These products are also all sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

Have questions? Feel free to call the salon at 757-200-8890 or use our online scheduler to book a FREE consultation with one of our certified stylists!


Special Order Products Available!


Tired of running out of curl product just when you need it most?

We are now offering salon sizes of DevaCurl Product for special order to ensure you’re stocked for the summer!

– 32oz. Cleansers + Conditioners – $44

– 32oz. Light/Ultra Defining Gel + Arc Angel Gel – $44

– 16oz. B’Leave In Curl Plumper – $40

– 16oz. Heaven in Hair Treatment – $44

Be sure to place your special order during your next appointment or by calling 757-200-8890



You Asked, We Listened

Clients frequently ask us how they can save money on hair services and healthy hair regimens, so we created some package deals to help our clients save on our most highly-requested services!



You can purchase your package during your next salon appointment or call 757-200-8890 to schedule!

May Product of the Month


Attention All Blondes!

This must-have product will keep your blonde shining bright for longer, while avoiding the awkward tones that sometimes arise during grow-out.

Purchase this duo in the month of May and receive 20% off!


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of DevaCurl’s newest curly product available at Versus – Wash Day Wonder! This product is a game-changer for detangling!

We notice a few specific scenarios in which tangles seem to be especially problematic:

– Young children who find the detangling process uncomfortable and upsetting

-After a protective style has been worn for several weeks

-After engaging in high-activity like working out, swimming, etc.

Detangling isn’t a fun process for anyone involved – trust us.

It can also significantly extend the time of your scheduled appointment and compromise the strength of your hair if the tangles are severe enough.

Luckily, DevaCurl has released a new product that makes detangling an absolute breeze! We’ve been using this product for a week now and are amazed by the results! The process is much easier, painless, faster, and effective!

We will now be offering a Wash Day Wonder Detangling Service for an additional charge, especially for clients who have particularly tumultuous tangles and sensitive scalps. Let us know during booking that you’d like to give this new must-have curly hair product a try and see how detangling will forever be changed!