Virginia Beach’s Only DevaCut Inspired Salon

What is a DevaCut?

A DevaCut is a revolutionary technique of cutting, shaping, and caring for curly hair. Because each curl pattern is unique, curly hair cannot be cut or styled in the same way that straight hair can. DevaCuts are performed by specially trained stylists, one curl at a time, on dry hair in its natural state. While the shape and length of your hair can be determined by your lifestyle and preferences, DevaCuts promote bouncy, healthy curls and even growth for Curly, Wavy, and Super Curly patterns.

What to Expect

During your first DevaCut appointment, your stylist will consult with you on your unique curl pattern, your styling needs, and your hair goals. Your stylist will then cut your hair curl-by-curl into the desired shape and style. After your cut has been completed, your hair will be thoroughly cleansed and conditioned using the DevaCurl products that best suit your curl pattern, and your stylist will walk you through a customized daily styling plan. Your new ‘do will be dried, often using a Deva Diffuser, and any finishing touches will come at the end. You can expect to leave your first DevaCut appointment feeling confident in your curls, as well as your ability to care for them and embrace the curly lifestyle.

How to Prepare

In preparing for your DevaCut appointment, we request that the client arrives with dry, detangled hair in its natural state. It is best to let your curls hang freely without the assistance of ponytail holders or clips. This gives your stylist the ability to view your natural curl pattern and determine the best shape, style, and products to suit your hair goals.

DevaCurl Treatments

The additional maintenance that curly hair requires can often lead to dryness, damage, and weightless curls. DevaCurl Treatments are designed to hydrate hair, reverse damage, and tame frizz to reveal a healthy, consistent, refreshed curl pattern. Your stylist can recommend the appropriate treatment after assessing your curl pattern and level of damage that could be caused by heat, color applications.

DevaCurl Products

DevaCurl products are specially designed to cater to curls and the extra attention they often require. All DevaCurl products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicon-free, and vegan friendly.


“I’ve never had a DevaCut. How do I know if it’s for me?”

DevaCuts are appropriate for wavy, curly, and super curly hair. If you struggle to style your curls, maintain a healthy glow, or embrace your curl pattern altogether, a DevaCut is most likely for you. We offer free 30-minute consultations for you to discuss your hair goals with your stylist, your hair texture will be assessed, and your stylist can recommend whether or not a DevaCut is ideal for you.

“I only want to cut an inch or two from my length. Can I still get a DevaCut?”

Absolutely! A DevaCut is a cutting technique that can be applied to many different lengths and styles. DevaCuts allow your curls to be tended to individually which fosters a healthy shape and growth pattern. Your stylist will consult with you on the health of your hair and recommend maintenance plans, but you can cut as much or as little length as you’d like during your DevaCut appointment.

“Should I wash my hair before my appointment?”

In preparing for your DevaCut appointment, we ask that you arrive with your hair completely dry and styled naturally. You may cleanse and style your hair with your usual products prior to arriving for your cut, but in order to complete the DevaCut service in a time-appropriate fashion, we ask that you do not arrive with wet/damp hair, hair that has been tied in a ponytail/bun all day, or hair that has been flat-ironed/blown out. Doing so will require your hair to be cleansed again and dried, which adds 60-90 minutes to your allotted appointment time.

“I’ve never had a DevaCut and I’m very nervous.”

We understand – but don’t worry! With us, your curls are finally going to receive the care they deserve. While many different haircutting techniques exist, very few curl-specific techniques are practiced in the cosmetology industry. As a result, we assume you’ve probably had your fair share of misshapen cuts and frizz-disasters. As a DevaCurl-inspired salon, we are confident that we have the skill required to cut, style, and maintain all varieties of curl patterns.


- “The day after my cut, my hair is looking healthy and the style of the cut is very me, and will grow out beautifully. I will definitely be coming back for my next haircut, and would recommend Versus salon to anyone who is in search of a DevaCut.”

- “I recently moved to Virginia from NYC, where I regularly cut my hair at the Soho Deva Chan Salon. When moving down to VA, I was afraid I wouldn't find a Deva stylist, however I was completely wrong. I am over the moon about having found Versus Salon in Virginia Beach. Versus Salon has now turned into my home away from home.”

- “My stylist was amazing! She styled my hair to flatter my features and that's all I could ask for - it was exactly what I wanted. I feel like a new woman.”