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Winter Hair Tips

The changing of seasons affects much more than our moods and our closets! Your hair reacts to the changes in weather just as other parts of your body do, and we’re offering up our TOP TIPS for Winter Hair Care to keep you prepared for the cooler weather ahead!

Beware of Wool Hats : While they keep you cozy and warm on the coldest mornings, wool hats often pull on the hair and cause stress - particularly at the nape of the neck. Opt for another material that is more gentle, particularly if you are a Curlista!

Dry Scalp : The dry air of the cold seasons causes dry scalp for many people, leading to uncomfortable itching and shedding. You may require additional treatments in the winter to tend to dry skin/scalp issues. We recommend our custom blend Exfoliation treatment, which you can receive under the steamer in-salon and also purchase a take-home version to save time and money until warm weather returns!

Transition Now : Cold weather seasons are the best time to transition! If you’ve been considering going natural, now is the time to commit to the change! Certain products, like oils, will help you to moisturize your natural locks without affecting your winter styling. By the time summer comes around, your new routine will be more comfortable and you can avoid the temptation of heat styling during the winter with your stylist supporting your transition.

Moisturize Meticulously : With the dryness of the winter air, your hair and scalp will require much more moisture than usual to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free. Ensure you are using a Leave-In Conditioner and, most importantly, get your Hydration Steam Treatments every month to avoid needing damage-recovery when Spring comes back around!

PREBOOK : Our most important winter tip is to pre-book your holiday appointments! Every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas we receive an abundance of calls from clients looking for last minute appointments as they prepare for family visits, photoshoots, and holiday events. Our stylists have limited time available around these major dates so please plan ahead, book your appointment as soon as you know when you’ll require services, and keep your appointment as scheduled! This helps our team ensure they are accommodating as many clients as possible while also ensuring they don’t become overbooked and overwhelmed!

Clip-In, Tape-In, Sew-In Extensions, OH MY!

We get lots of questions about the different options available for extensions and which is the best to choose from. We offer several different extension application services and thought we would help explain the differences for inquiring clients!

Please note that all extensions services require a consultation first!

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-In Extensions are best suited for clients looking for a short-term option that will help them achieve a long hair style in the near future. This service is recommended for clients who want low-maintenance, short-term duration from their extensions, and want the ability to easily remove and reapply the extensions as desired. We often recommend Clip-In’s for brides who want to take their extensions out immediately after their wedding day since a salon visit is not required for removal.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-In Extensions provide a more natural, blended look while allowing clients to wear their style for longer periods of time. Tape-In Extensions require the proper care and maintenance to ensure they last for the desired period of time and prevent damage. Clients are advised not to attempt to remove these extensions at home since a medical grade adhesive is used to secure placement. Without proper removal, damage and breakage to the client’s natural hair can occur. With the proper aftercare and quality of extensions, tape-in extensions can last several weeks before you begin noticing the growth of new hair. The placement can be altered to allow for versatile styling like ponytails and extensions require reapplication once the new growth begins to affect their placement.

I-Tip Extensions

This type of extension application allows for extreme versatility and natural blending as smaller tracks of hair are attached to small sections of natural hair. These extensions are ideal for adding length and volume since the tracks are not flat as they are with clip-in and tape-in extensions. With the proper aftercare and maintenance, these extensions can last weeks longer than tape-in extensions and are gentle on the amount of stress they put on your natural tresses. While the application for this service typically takes longer to complete, the results are worthy!

Sew-In Extensions

Our most popular extension service, a Full Sew-In will allow you to completely transform your look, texture, color, and style for the longest duration while protecting your natural hair to encourage growth. Your natural hair is braided down and then wefts of hair are sewn in for a sturdy extensions application with minimum maintenance. With the proper aftercare, your sew-in can last several weeks without your grow-out being evident. After your stylists removes your extensions and braids, you’ll notice healthier hair and exceptional growth while you’ve allowed your natural hair to relax from product and heat! These services are especially beneficial for clients who are experiencing problems with hair loss, thinning hair, etc.

2018 VA Natural Beauty Expo - Richmond, Virginia

We were honored to be asked to present at this year’s VA Natural Beauty Expo in Richmond on 10/23! We attended to present the DevaCurl product line, doing what we do best in helping naturalistas expand their curl confidence by using the right products for their unique needs! We also presented on the main stage to discuss DevaCuts, joined by our incredible Brand Reps - Rosalina Musico, Kendria Williams, and Alex Merritt.

Check out our space and the fun we had! We’re always looking to offer whatever support we can and stay open to recommendations on events you want to see us attend! Who knows what 2019 will have in store…

 The Versus Salon Booth

The Versus Salon Booth

 This client helped us explain the magic of DevaCurl to not-yet-believers!

This client helped us explain the magic of DevaCurl to not-yet-believers!

 Da’Maire demonstrates how to use the Deva Diffuser

Da’Maire demonstrates how to use the Deva Diffuser

 We always welcome Question+Answer during our presentations!

We always welcome Question+Answer during our presentations!

 When you see a Curly Girl in need, sometimes you have to stop everything and offer an on-the-spot No Poo Transformation!

When you see a Curly Girl in need, sometimes you have to stop everything and offer an on-the-spot No Poo Transformation!

 When Curlistas Connect…

When Curlistas Connect…

 Michelle and Rosalina on the Main Stage discussing #CurlyHairProblems

Michelle and Rosalina on the Main Stage discussing #CurlyHairProblems

 Team Versus <3

Team Versus <3

 “Hey Curl-friend!!”

“Hey Curl-friend!!”

Giving Back to Our Community

Each year, the Versus Team participates in several efforts to raise money for charities and organizations that our close to our hearts, and often our clients’ hearts as well.

This year we are celebrating an entire WEEK of giving back and providing our clients options for how they would like to #PayItForward!

How Can You Contribute?

From Tuesday, 10/23 to Saturday, 10/27 we will have pre-colored extensions that you can purchase. These extensions easily clip in and out for simple application whenever you want to spice up your look! We are happy to cut them to match your current shape and style. Each extension will cost $15 and all proceeds will be donated.

The purchase of PINK extensions will benefit the American Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The purchase of PURPLE extensions will benefit Samaritan House, a local charity that provides resources for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual abuse.

Help us give back to the community that supports our ability to do what we love. Now more than ever, it is important to have women supporting women!

It's How You Use It

Using the right products is essential to achieving your hair goals. Sometimes it takes multiple trials to perfect your product cocktail. Our team is constantly trying new product lines and ways of using products to get the best possible results for each client’s unique needs. If we’ve learned anything in our ongoing search for the miracle product we all desire, it’s that it isn’t only which products you’re using - it’s how you use them! 


On saturated hair, use the proper hold for your curl pattern to scrunch curls in an upward motion. The head should be pointed down toward the floor, and each section should only be scrunched once to prevent frizz. Follow the first step with a second scrunch of each section using a DevaTowel to remove excess product without drawing out necessary moisture. This creates a cast over defined curls to hold their shape.

Foams : 

 Add foam to saturated, clean hair and focus concentrating product at the root for volume. Ensure the hair is completely wet to avoid a sticky mess. If using curling foam, it can be pulled from root to end to cover the hair shaft before applying flexirods or rollers.


Leave-In Conditioners : 

On saturated, clean hair, spray a leave-in conditioner all around the roots of your hair. Section hair as needed to ensure full coverage. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to pull the conditioner from root to end. 

Styling Creams :

On saturated hair, use 1-3 pumps of Styling Cream to gently rake through curls or waves from root to end. This helps to define each curl. Finger coil each defined strand for added definition. 


Treatments : 

Use a Low Poo or No Poo to thoroughly cleanse your scalp, then apply take-home treatment as directed on the product label. Use a plastic processing cap or shower cap to retain moisture and prevent the hair from drying while the treatment is absorbed. Follow the processing time as advised on the treatment being used, then rinse and condition as needed.

Diffuser :

Sit in a chair with your bottom on the front of the seat, and the chair back resting at the nape of your neck so that your hair falls naturally down the back of the chair. We know - it’s not the most comfortable but we’re aiming for results here! Start at the ends of your hair and move the diffuser upwards towards the root as if scrunching curls. Use a low-heat setting whenever possible. To add volume at the root, flip hair forward to diffuse, but be very gentle when flipping the hair back not to disturb the placement of your curls.

Do you have any other products you want to ensure you’re using correctly? Send us a message!