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What to Expect

Working with curls is our specialty and is a process unlike what most clients are used to from their previous salon visits.

  1. Your stylist will begin with a thorough consultation to determine your goals, concerns, and the best course of action for helping you fall in love with your curls. They will also address the health of your hair, porosity issues, and talk about the products you are currently using.

  2. The appointment will start with a dry cut to create an overall shape for your curls. Your stylist will gently detangle without the use of brushes or combs so that your curls can receive a cut that works for their natural bounce.

  3. After a general shape has been created, you’ll be treated to a No Poo Transformation. Your stylist will take you step-by-step through their recommended wash’n’go routine to get the best results for your natural curl type. They’ll discuss their chosen products, how to use them, and ensure you are comfortable recreating the process at home.

  4. Curly clients are then able to relax under the hooded dryer which simulates air-drying. This allows for your curls to dry evenly and without harsh heat, preventing frizz and other common curl complaints. Some clients may be diffused at the very end based on the stylists’ recommendation.

  5. Final touch-ups to the cut will be done curl-by-curl at the end of your appointment to make sure everything is perfect. Then, of course, we must take after photos to see your completed curl transformation.

curly client prep instructions

let it down

In order for your stylist to effectively cut and work with your curls, you must arrive with your hair completely down - no ponytails/buns/braids/etc. These styles can create kinks, stretch your curls out, and alter the effectiveness of curating your curls in a way that will work for you in the weeks following your service. Additional charges may apply for clients who arrive with hair that is pulled back, braided, straightened, etc.

dry hair

Because your service will start with the cut and move backwards from there, it is essential that your hair is completely dry when you arrive for your DevaCut appointment. Please finger-comb gently through your hair to detangle, but avoid using brushes or combs that will pull and stretch your curls.

wash ‘n’ go style

Your stylist must be able to work with your natural curl pattern in order for you to receive a shape and product routine that actually works for your curls! We want to see how you do your wash’n’go style each day. Day Two or Day Three wash’n’go hair is ideal. Curls that have been created by twist sets, braid styles, etc. will impact the results of your service and your stylist will be unable to complete a DevaCut.