Versus Salon


Do I Really Need to See My Stylist Regularly?

In short – yes. But “regularly” is usually different for everyone based on the condition of your hair and your ultimate goals! 

With the rise of Youtube stars and Beauty Bloggers, there is an overwhelming wave of information that is currently available regarding healthy hair care and tips. We wanted to remind our readers that although these can be helpful sources of information, the advice of these influencers should not replace your regular visits to the salon for healthy hair maintenance. 

Here’s Why:

#1 : Licensed Cosmetologists are required to pass state board exams that ensure they are proficient in skills that are crucial to ensuring our clients receive quality care and service. This includes sanitization, the thorough understanding of chemical products and how to use them safely, and the anatomy of your hair/scalp. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring hair is cared for using safe techniques and products. We are not only concerned in the look and feel of your hair, but also the porosity and condition of your scalp. 

#2. Not all hair tips are created equally. What works well for one client may not work at all for another. We all have unique qualities and histories with our hair that are important in determining a Healthy Hair Plan. Your stylist is essential in offering you tips and tricks that are unique to what you need based on their professional knowledge, and are a consistent measure of your progress over time.

#3. Salon Professional Products truly are unique from most drugstore offerings. We choose products for our salon based on what we feel will offer the most benefit and health to our clientele. We go through months-long trials with product lines to ensure we are offering a level of service that looks and feels good long after your salon appointment. Lots of beauty store and drug store products available contain fillers or sulfates that dry and damage the hair over time. You truly get what you pay for with hair products! 

Valentine's Day is Coming...

While we’re all still recovering from our holiday and New Year celebrations, it can be easy to forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We’re helping you prepare by offering tips on what we think would be great gifts for your loved ones! We also strongly encourage you to take full credit for any of these borrowed ideas ;)

Gift Idea #1 - A DevaTowel for the Curlista in your life

Don’t be fooled by the silliness of gifting a hair towel for Valentine’s Day - this tool is a must-have for anyone with natural curls! This towel saves so much time when preparing for your date night, and it’s oversized which is ideal for those big hair dreams! It’s the little things…

Gift Idea #2 - A luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner

The Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner duo by Influance Hair Care is our top-seller and we watch clients fall in love every single day after using this product! The Rosemary extract stimulates the scalp and helps promote growth while Peppermint Oil offers a delicious tingle as it exfoliates dry scalp. It’s the perfect time of year for this duo as the weather becomes colder and drier. We promise your Cupid is bound to love this gift!

Gift Idea #3 - A Custom Versus Gift Kit

If your loved one is always filling the bathroom vanity with hair products galore, it’s because they are on their Healthy Hair Journey and your support would mean the world! Instead of groaning over the time it’s taking to get ready for date night, surprise your beloved beauty guru with a custom gift kit containing all of their favorite hair products. Next time they run out and don’t have to panic, you’ll be the automatic hero!

Gift Idea #4 - Versus Salon Gift Card

Self-Care is the most important and forgotten aspect of an aspiring beauty expert, but you can help remind them to TREAT THEMSELVES to a day of pampering. We fully believe the saying - look good, feel good. A gift card is a foolproof way to show your loved one that they are important to you. Your significant other can use their gift card to purchase their favorite haircare products or use on pampering services that get them feeling brand new!

We encourage you to casually share this post and start dropping those hints with your Valentine’s dates <3

Get The Most From Your Products!

DID YOU KNOW that there are many ways to use your DevaCurl products, and some of them have nothing to do with your hair! We are all about being economical, so we wanted to share with you some other ways you can use your products in a pinch!

Buildup Buster

This Micellar Water product can also be used as a Makeup Remover! Not only will this product remove buildup from your scalp, but will also remove buildup from your face so you go to bed feeling fresh.

Low Poo Delight / Low Poo Original

These low-lather cleansers make for great body washes, which we love when traveling. Less bottles to pack and then unpack at security! Because they’re packed with the moisture that curls crave, they’re great for skin, too!

One Condition Decadence / One Condition Original

To keep your skin moisturized and protected, especially in the colder months, you can use your favorite DevaCurl conditioner as a shave cream!

B’Leave In Curl Plumper

This volumizer can work double-duty on the occasions in which you decide to wear a straight style. Apply B’Leave In to the roots of your hair before blowdrying to keep your locks from falling flat. **Don’t forget your thermal protectant, too, and follow with a moisture treatment to get your curls back into shape!**

Supercream Coconut Styler

This cream is one of our favorites for curly hair because of the moisture-boost it gives while defining curls! Because of the moisture and hold components of Supercream, it can double as an Edge Tamer or Pomade when you’re wearing updo styles and ponytails. Add a small amount around your edges to prevent frizz and hold your flyaways in place!