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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

In the Beauty industry, our teams are comprised of creative visionaries, free-spirited artists, and lifetime learners. We are lucky to have several incredible Cosmetology schools in the Hampton Roads area, and we do our best to provide support to the students of these programs to prepare them to enter the world of hairstyling! We feel this will help the students be the best cosmetologists for their clients, their employers, and themselves! 

This month we teamed up with Fawnee from Salon Noa to provide a Professional Development course to the Future Professionals at Rudy + Kelly Academy. We discussed many aspects of being a hairstylist that don't involve hair: exceptional customer service skills, social media marketing and self-promotion, working in a teamwork environment, and maintaining a high level of self-motivation to stand out in an ever-changing industry. It was a pleasure not only to be available as a support system for the students who will someday be behind our chairs, but also to team up with another local salon and spread the wealth of knowledge that experience has afforded us! 

 Fawnee + the Salon Noa Team with Chelsea

Fawnee + the Salon Noa Team with Chelsea

To inquire about how Versus may support the students in your Beauty + Cosmetology programs, please email

FAQ: What Shape Does a DevaCut Create?

A question we commonly receive is from curly clients who are trying out the DevaCut for the first time, wanting to know what type of shape they’ll leave with after their service.

A common misconception about the DevaCut is that it refers to a specific cut or shape. The reality is that a DevaCut refers to the technique that our stylists receive special training in to best work with curly hair. It includes a No Poo Transformation which is a step-by-step tutorial where your stylist will teach you how to use a customized product cocktail suited for your unique curl pattern to create consistent, defined curls. The cut and shape are designed by you and your stylist! 

Your DevaCut service will be tailored to suit your specific concerns, lifestyle needs, and to help you achieve your #CurlyHairGoals. Your stylist will consult with you on shapes that will work best for you and make recommendations based on their training. We love when clients bring us photo inspiration of cuts and shapes that they like on others so we can use it as a guideline to create a new look for you! 

The DevaCut service is all about you and your curls!  


Where Do You Purchase Your Hair Products?

With the rise of online purchasing and carriers like Amazon, the availability of professional salon products has become more accessible for clients who are searching for convenience in restocking their favorite salon-quality products.

Here’s the bad news – professional salon products are only available to professional cosmetologists for use and for retail sale from certified vendors. 

Amazon, WalMart, CVS, etc., are not authorized to purchase or sell the products we sell in the salon. Products purchased through these vendors are being sold illegally.  

What does this mean for you? Clients who purchase products from locations outside of the salon risk purchasing a product that isn’t at all what they believe they’re purchasing. These products, because they are not purchased through a certified vendor or guaranteed by the manufacturer, are often watered-down versions, or a different product entirely, than what the label states. These products carry no guarantee and are not backed by the manufacturers because they are being sold without the permission of the vendor.

Besides the comfort of knowing that the product you have purchased is what the bottle label states, we have five other reasons why you should purchase your favorite professional hair products from us:

1.    Versus Salon is a certified retailer of DevaCurl, Matrix, Design Essentials, and Influance.All products on our retail shelves are purchased directly from the product vendors, ensuring you receive the correct product, as well as a guarantee from the manufacturer that you are buying a true salon-quality product.

2.    All of our retail products are priced according to the manufacturers’ mandatory set pricing, and products that are not limited to set pricing are priced to be as low as possible to ensure our product pricing is within your budget. We also offer price matching for products that can be found less expensive or on sale at another certified retailer within the Hampton Roads area.

3.    Retail purchases from our salon help you earn loyalty rewards that can be redeemed for money off of your salon services.

4.    Professional salons receive certain incentives from product vendors when our clients purchase product. Your product purchases help our team of stylists earn education and support that keeps them at the top of their game and ahead of the changing industry trends.

5.    As a small, local business, our salon does all that we can to serve our community and give back what we can. When you purchase your products through us, your payment goes directly back to the salon so that we can make improvements to our service offerings, our product lines, our salon space, and continuing education for our stylists. Instead of spending your hard-earned money with a corporate giant, we ask our clients to support their local business and their hairstylist by making your purchases at Versus Salon.

Why Do We Love Steam Treatments?

When applying treatments, deep conditioners, and masks to the hair in an effort to restore health and moisture, the best method of processing is using a steamer. This allows moist heat to nourish the hair cuticle, which has a number of benefits for your locks!


Why We Love Steam Treatments:

  1. The main benefit to using a steam processor is that it allows the cuticle to open and lift, which allows complete absorption of the applied treatment product, giving you the full benefits of the treatment. This is especially crucial for clients who have low porosity and struggle to retain moisture.
  2. Steam treatments help to deep cleanse the scalp and fight the buildup of dirt and product that we accumulate through styling and exposure to the elements. A clean scalp encourages hair growth and steaming stimulates blood flow in the scalp which also helps growth
  3. Hydrated, moisturized hair is easier to detangle and manage which means less pulling, less breakage, and allows the hair to stretch against shrinkage
  4. For curly girls who dread wash day, steaming can help to refresh your curls with light moisture while avoiding having to soak your curls and restyle them.

We offer several different steam treatment options with focuses on:



Dry Scalp

Color Damage Repair


Deep Cleansing from Product Buildup

You can add on a steam treatment to any salon service to get the best results from your appointment!