Versus Salon


10 Fast Facts about Versus Salon

1. Versus Hair Studio was created in 2011.

2. We have been specializing in curls for over 6 years.

3. Our salon brought DevaCurl to Virginia Beach in 2012 and remained the only Deva-Certified salon through 2017.

4. The name “Versus” was inspired by the dream of catering to all textures and types of hair – curly versus straight ; relaxed versus natural ; heat styling versus protective styling – we do it all!


5. Our stylists attend continuing education at least once per month either in our salon or through an outside class. It is imperative that we keep up with the ever-changing trends and practice our craft so that we’re always ready for fresh new ideas.

6. Because we service such a diverse range of clients, we are constantly testing new product lines that we think would work well. We will try a product several times on several textures before deciding to carry and offer it.

7. We will create custom products for you! Getting a rainbow color service? Ask for a custom conditioner to keep your color vibrant!

8. We are always looking for more ways to reach clients who require our expertise, and our most frequent request is a Richmond location. 

9. We offer consultations anytime at no charge so you always have an opportunity to speak with a stylist about your hair goals and receive support for frustrations you might have. Helping you feel confident in your natural beauty is our primary goal!

10. We regularly host special promotions and giveaways on our social media pages so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! (@ Versus Salon)