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It's How You Use It

Using the right products is essential to achieving your hair goals. Sometimes it takes multiple trials to perfect your product cocktail. Our team is constantly trying new product lines and ways of using products to get the best possible results for each client’s unique needs. If we’ve learned anything in our ongoing search for the miracle product we all desire, it’s that it isn’t only which products you’re using - it’s how you use them! 


On saturated hair, use the proper hold for your curl pattern to scrunch curls in an upward motion. The head should be pointed down toward the floor, and each section should only be scrunched once to prevent frizz. Follow the first step with a second scrunch of each section using a DevaTowel to remove excess product without drawing out necessary moisture. This creates a cast over defined curls to hold their shape.

Foams : 

 Add foam to saturated, clean hair and focus concentrating product at the root for volume. Ensure the hair is completely wet to avoid a sticky mess. If using curling foam, it can be pulled from root to end to cover the hair shaft before applying flexirods or rollers.


Leave-In Conditioners : 

On saturated, clean hair, spray a leave-in conditioner all around the roots of your hair. Section hair as needed to ensure full coverage. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to pull the conditioner from root to end. 

Styling Creams :

On saturated hair, use 1-3 pumps of Styling Cream to gently rake through curls or waves from root to end. This helps to define each curl. Finger coil each defined strand for added definition. 


Treatments : 

Use a Low Poo or No Poo to thoroughly cleanse your scalp, then apply take-home treatment as directed on the product label. Use a plastic processing cap or shower cap to retain moisture and prevent the hair from drying while the treatment is absorbed. Follow the processing time as advised on the treatment being used, then rinse and condition as needed.

Diffuser :

Sit in a chair with your bottom on the front of the seat, and the chair back resting at the nape of your neck so that your hair falls naturally down the back of the chair. We know - it’s not the most comfortable but we’re aiming for results here! Start at the ends of your hair and move the diffuser upwards towards the root as if scrunching curls. Use a low-heat setting whenever possible. To add volume at the root, flip hair forward to diffuse, but be very gentle when flipping the hair back not to disturb the placement of your curls.

Do you have any other products you want to ensure you’re using correctly? Send us a message!