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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

In the Beauty industry, our teams are comprised of creative visionaries, free-spirited artists, and lifetime learners. We are lucky to have several incredible Cosmetology schools in the Hampton Roads area, and we do our best to provide support to the students of these programs to prepare them to enter the world of hairstyling! We feel this will help the students be the best cosmetologists for their clients, their employers, and themselves! 

This month we teamed up with Fawnee from Salon Noa to provide a Professional Development course to the Future Professionals at Rudy + Kelly Academy. We discussed many aspects of being a hairstylist that don't involve hair: exceptional customer service skills, social media marketing and self-promotion, working in a teamwork environment, and maintaining a high level of self-motivation to stand out in an ever-changing industry. It was a pleasure not only to be available as a support system for the students who will someday be behind our chairs, but also to team up with another local salon and spread the wealth of knowledge that experience has afforded us! 

Fawnee + the Salon Noa Team with Chelsea

Fawnee + the Salon Noa Team with Chelsea

To inquire about how Versus may support the students in your Beauty + Cosmetology programs, please email