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Thinking About Bangs?

Fall is the season for bangs and we are here for it! 

To go for a haircut with bangs or not is always a question that clients struggle with. While there are many different ways to cut and style a look with bangs, there are a few important considerations to make before taking the leap...

  • Bangs Take Maintenance : No matter what your natural pattern or texture is, styling bangs requires additional steps to keep them properly styled and prevent the "Justin Bieber Hair Flip" from disrupting your day and driving you crazy! If you want to try on some bangs, prepare to blow-dry them regularly, usually with a roundbrush, to get them to fall correctly.
  • Fast Growth : Bangs tend to grow out quickly and you'll need to come to the salon more frequently to get them trimmed. Please, please, please do not trim your own bangs at home! Fixing trims-gone-bad is a difficult task for stylists! We only charge $10 for a bang trim - just give us a call.
  •  Because bangs tend to rest on the forehead and come into contact with skin all day, bangs can appear oily and lose their volume on warm or high-activity days. We recommend keeping a travel-size Dry Shampoo on hand to give your bangs a quick refresh before you fall victim to sticky bangs.
  • When you've decided you're finished with the bang life and are ready to grow them out into a new shape, this can take time and the shape of your overall haircut may need to be altered to blend in your growing layers. Your stylist can help you determine the best way to grow your bangs out without awkward shapes or obvious lines. 

What are your plans for your Fall hair? Will you be trying on some bangs?