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Blondes Beware!!!

Social Media is both a blessing and a curse in our lives, especially for all of our clients with Blonde Hair Goals.

This post is to advise you to be cautious when searching social media for inspiration photos. The use of filters and lighting have a significant impact on how a client’s finished look photographs, and sometimes the inspiration photos you find can deceive you and your expectations.

Going blonde, especially platinum or silver, is almost always a multi-step process that requires extensive maintenance to prevent undesirable hues of color. Because we prioritize the health of your hair, it can be impossible to know how many sessions it will take to help you achieve your goals and the in-between services can sometimes include working through shades of color that you aren’t in love with. Remember: when going blonde, we are not CHANGING your color, we are REMOVING all color from your hair. It’s chemistry! Furthermore, you must use the recommended products at home to stay on track with your stylist’s game plan. That’s the part they usually don’t tell you about on social media…

To show you what we mean, this photo shows the exact same client at the exact same time under two different types of lighting…

Color by Deniece

Color by Deniece

When you book your blonde service, make sure you start with a consultation and bring your patience with you!