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What is a Clear Shine and Why Do You Need One?

Many clients come see us for color services and receive a recommendation to follow up with a Clear Shine, and others often view our menu and ask, “What is a Clear Shine?”. We’re breaking down what exactly a Clear Shine (a.k.a. Glaze) and when you should book this service.


Following a color service, the hair typically becomes stressed and clients may experience dryness, frizz, and unruly strands. A Clear Shine is used to boost shine and highlight the vibrancy of your color, but most importantly, this semi-permanent glaze will smooth your cuticle to restore cooperation to your hair. Putting a Clear Shine on your tresses also creates a barrier of protection from further damage.


So when should you book a Clear Shine? 

·     Following a Color Application service

·     If You Frequently Use Heat Tools/Straighten Your Hair

·     When your locks need a boost of healthy shine

·     To Put the Spotlight on Your Natural Highlights

·     To Extend the Life of a Color Service

·     To Help with Stubborn Frizz