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Salon Consultations

Did you know that we offer FREE consultations?

While all of our salon services begin with a consultation, many inquiring clients contact us with questions about their curls, healthy hair regimens, and quotes on color transformations. The challenge of our team is to offer the best possible advice for these clients without actually seeing their hair. Each client has a unique set of needs based on their individual hair and history. So who should come in for a consultation?

·     Clients Who Are Hesitant to Try a New Service: Your stylist can utilize a consultation to recommend the best plan of action to meet your needs, and walk you through each step of the process so that when you arrive for your services, you are well-prepared and comfortable with the process

·     Clients Receiving a Color Transformation or Color Correction: Based on your hair history and natural color, color transformations can sometimes require multiple steps to achieve your goals. A consultation allows your stylist to create a game plan and ensure enough time is allotted for your color service appointment

·     Clients Receiving Braids for the First Time: Our braider is careful to ensure any braiding services are completed with the health of your hair in mind, so it’s important that any necessary treatments are agreed upon beforehand to protect your natural tresses. This also allows for you to prepare by making the right purchases for any add-in hair that is needed, or for us to order what you need in advance. 

·     Clients Experiencing Hair Loss, Thinning, or Extreme Dry Scalp: some of these concerns can be health-related issues that require a medical diagnosis. While we are hair experts, it’s important that your stylist knows of any medical issues that may be contributing to the health of your hair. Only then can your stylist make the most educated decision about the best plan of action for your look

What to expect during your consultation…

Your stylist may ask you what your daily styling routine is, which products you use regularly, and what you are hoping to change about your current look. You should come with a list of products you use as well as the dates of any color or chemicals that have been put in your hair in the last five years. Your stylist will discuss the health of your hair, styling options for you, and recommendations for a salon regimen to achieve your goals. They’ll also ensure you are familiar with the pricing of the services you are interested in so you can be fully prepared for the day of your appointment! 


You can book a consultation online or by calling 757-200-8890