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Hair Porosity 101

Our clients know we are all about healthy hair and one thing you’ll hear our team talk about all the time is HAIR POROSITY – but what does that even mean?

The porosity of your hair is the ability of your locks to accept and retain moisture, and this is maintained by the flexibility of the hair cuticle which easily allows oils to pass through the hair or blocks them from being accepted. 

LOW Porosity hair is typically healthy and shiny, though hard to process since chemicals and treatments don’t easily pass through the cuticle. Clients with Low Porosity will find that their hair takes forever to dry, and usually experience product buildup and dryness. We like to start with a Hydration Steam Treatment to allow your stubborn locks to soak in as much moisture as possible. We also try to avoid using too many protein products in the hair which can lead to extreme dryness.

HIGH Porosity hair is common in clients with over-processed hair or clients who frequently use heat tools. The hair shaft in this condition has lots of cracks that allow too much moisture or product into the hair cuticle and cause stress. Clients may experience problems with frizz and tangles as the hair begins to connect through the slices in the shaft, and find that they have to use large amounts of product. We will commonly recommend a demi-permanent color or Clear Shine service for these clients to help seal the cuticle and smooth the hair shaft. Leave-In Conditioners are also helpful for regular use in creating a moisturizing layer over the broken hair shaft that promotes healthier locks.

Our Top Tips for Normal Porosity + Healthy Curls:

1.    Maintain a regular schedule of steam treatments to ensure you are avoiding heat, tending to your hair’s unique needs, and maintaining good product absorption 

2.    Always use cold water when washing your hair to seal the cuticle and prevent any desirable product from escaping and sitting on the top of the hair

3.    Air dry your hair when you can and if you can’t, air dry for as long as possible before using your diffuser

4.    Use a Detangling Brush to gently detangle without pulling on your hair and causing stress

5.    Use a Leave-In Conditioner / Primer after washing to seal and protect your cuticle and encourage healthy product absorption