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What is a Thermal Silkening?

This natural hair styling method is aimed at smoothing and straightening the hair using heat tools and protective products. The final product is a relaxed look without the chemical process required for a relaxer. After a good cleanse and condition, your natural texture will return, unlike with a chemical straightening service.

Before and After a Thermal Silkening

Before and After a Thermal Silkening

The results of a Thermal Silkening will differ based on the client’s natural texture, density, maintenance care, and how often it has been straightened. Our hair learns from our styling regimens and becomes trained to lay straight if a silk service is performed regularly. For clients who are not accustomed to using heat to straighten their natural texture, the results of their Thermal Silkening will improve with each appointment and typically last longer than the first press.

A common concern we hear regarding what is most commonly known as a “silk press” is wanting to know how long the style will last after an appointment. The answer differs based on many factors, but with the proper care and maintenance, we anticipate clients will get anywhere from 1-3 weeks from their Thermal Silkening style.

To help prolong the straight look, we make a few different recommendations for our clients: 

  • Getting an end trim during a Thermal Silkening service helps to smooth the hair shaft and prevent frizz
  • Avoiding hot, humid weather and intensive outdoor activities will also help prevent moisture on the scalp that reverses the effects of straightening
  • Avoid adding additional products to the hair when possible
  • When sleeping and showering, wrap the hair and secure with a silk scarf to protect the style and prevent tangling
  • Request a slight bend on the ends to help the style hold
  • Allow your stylist to perform a Thermal Silkening service instead of doing your own at home. Professional tools and products used in the salon are specifically designed to maximize the style as well as the health of your hair.