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Imagine This: You leave your first DevaCut appointment feeling a new confidence in your curls and your cut! You have stocked up on the DevaCurl products used by your stylist to create such luscious curls, but you get to your first wash day following your appointment and completely blank on which products to use, when, and how! 

TIP #1 : Take your DevaCurl products with you into the shower! Curl products should always be added to soaking wet hair, never towel-dried.

TIP #2 : If you want to refresh your curls between washes, add water first, then use a curl refresher like Mist-er Right if your curls need an extra kick.

TIP #3 : If you are struggling with your new curl routine, give us a call! Your stylist or one of our other DevaCurl stylists can walk you through the routine again and help troubleshoot why you might not be getting the results you desire!


Keep Calm, Curlista! Here’s a general breakdown of using the DevaCurl products at home to keep your tresses in check. Remember, your stylist may cocktail certain products together or offer unique suggestions for your individual texture, but this should help remind you! 

STEP ONE : Cleanser + Conditioner : Your stylist may recommend leaving your conditioner in if you’re experiencing extreme dryness or a need for moisture in your curls! Your Leave-In Conditioner (like Heaven in Hair) will follow Step One. Pro Tip: The conditioning step is when we begin to define the curls, so this is a good time to detangle or use a wide-tooth comb to separate tangled curls.


STEP TWO: Curl Creams : Using the raking method, finger comb your Wave Maker, Supercream or Styling Cream through your curls to encourage definition. This is also a good time to use your Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam at the root to encourage lift.

STEP THREE : Gels : Scrunch in your gel for curl hold. Remember, fingers encourage frizz, so scrunch a section of hair only once and hold for a few seconds. If you’ve been advised to use B’Leave In, this can be mixed with another gel for hold and curl plumping.

STEP FOUR : Follow with your Set It Free finishing spray, Mirror Curls Shine Serum, or Flexible Hold Hairspray for shine and hold.


Each DevaCurl routine is customized to your unique curl pattern, hair texture, and common complaints, but this should help remind you of the order of products that your Deva-stylist prescribed and how to use them.

Still having trouble? Give us a call or drop us a note on the “Contact Us” page with your list of products and we’ll be sure to help you!


Photos by Brandon Johnson