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Fall Hair Tips: Do's and Don'ts

We know, we know - it happened way too quickly and we are all devastated that summer is almost over! As fall approaches and the cold weather returns, so do a whole host of hair problems that the cooler temperatures bring. To get you fully prepared, here are our top Do's and Don'ts for keeping your hair healthy until the summer comes again! 

  • DO Continue with your Treatment Plan! We recommend alternating between Hydration and Protein steam treatments once per month, but as the temperatures drop you may want to throw in a Dry Scalp Treatment to prevent the awkward snowflake shoulders...
  • DON'T Skip your End Trims for the sake of length! It is much more tempting to focus on your long hair goals during the Fall and Winter seasons, but it is even more crucial to maintain healthy hair this time of year! It will grow, we promise, but you gotta get those ends trimmed! 
  • DO Change Up Your Color! Fall is a great time to incorporate reds and coppers into your locks.
  • DON'T Change Up Your Color At Home! Box Color causes detriment to the health and integrity of your hair. A quick-fix at home using box color leads to a lengthy, costly fix in a salon. Resist the temptation and avoid box color at all costs.
  • DO Consider a Protective Style. A Crochet Braid or Box Braids service can help you maintain the health of your hair and encourage growth with minimal maintenance during the dry-hair season.
  • DON'T Wash Too Often. Our hair is particularly susceptible to dryness in the Fall and Winter months, and over-washing can exacerbate the problem. Aim to wash your hair every 3-4 days.
  • DO Use a Leave-In Conditioner to Moisturize and Strengthen Brittle Hair. Many of us put away our Healthy Hair Products with the goal of minimal maintenance once summer is over, but our hair needs extra support more than ever! Spray a Leave-In Conditioner like NEVO by Pravana (our fave!) after washes to give your hair a healthy boost.
  • DON'T Pull Hair Into a Ponytail Every Day! When the house gets cold and we want to stay wrapped in our blankets as long as possible in the morning, it's tempting to just throw our locks back in an elastic to save time and effort in the winter. Constant ponytails/buns pull on the hair and encourage breakage. Save the ponytails for those days you "don't hear" your alarm going off!
  • DO Allow Your Hair to Air Dry When Possible. Even if using a thermal protectant product, heat tools damage our hair and prevent healthy growth. It also affects our natural texture and curl pattern, which takes effort to restore. Try washing at night to avoid using blow driers every morning.
  • DON'T Leave the House with Wet Hair. When it's cold outside and we have wet hair, breakage can happen much more easily and our hair takes on unnecessary damage.

Goodbye Summer. It was great spending time with you. We'll miss you dearly. Come again soon!