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Colorful Curls 101

We bet you didn’t realize it, but coloring curly hair is an entirely different animal from a stylist’s point-of-view!


Coloring or Highlighting your hair is done to accentuate the texture of your cut, add dimension to your style, and cooperate with the natural fall and movement of your hair. Moreso, when we use color chemicals on curly hair, additional stress is put on the hair that can affect your curl pattern – and not in a good way! Curlistas already need to add extra moisture to their routine to address the natural dryness of curly textured hair, and coloring only increases the importance of hydration for your tresses. Our curly hair experts use specific techniques and protective treatments that enhance the finished look while protecting your curls!



What are Pintura Highlights?

This hand-painted technique optimizes your color service by allowing the stylists to color curl-by-curl, highlighting the bounciest curls. By highlighting freehand with the use of foils, your color service becomes completely customized based on what will work best with your unique texture and shape. This helps to create texture and color definition that matches your curl definition instead of “patchy” or “streaky” results.

 Because this color service is hand-painted and entirely customized, clients can expect anywhere from 3-6 hours for this service!







Scroll through the gallery below for more Curly Color Inspiration!

Own Wash Day!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of DevaCurl's newest curly product available at Versus - Wash Day Wonder! This product is a game-changer for detangling!


We notice a few specific scenarios in which tangles seem to be especially problematic:

- Young children who find the detangling process uncomfortable and upsetting

-After a protective style has been worn for several weeks

-After engaging in high-activity like working out, swimming, etc.

Detangling isn't a fun process for anyone involved - trust us.

It can also significantly extend the time of your scheduled appointment and compromise the strength of your hair if the tangles are severe enough.

Luckily, DevaCurl has released a new product that makes detangling an absolute breeze! We've been using this product for a week now and are amazed by the results! The process is much easier, painless, faster, and effective!

We will now be offering a Wash Day Wonder Detangling Service for an additional charge, especially for clients who have particularly tumultuous tangles and sensitive scalps. Let us know during booking that you'd like to give this new must-have curly hair product a try and see how detangling will forever be changed!