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Get The Most From Your Products!

DID YOU KNOW that there are many ways to use your DevaCurl products, and some of them have nothing to do with your hair! We are all about being economical, so we wanted to share with you some other ways you can use your products in a pinch!

Buildup Buster

This Micellar Water product can also be used as a Makeup Remover! Not only will this product remove buildup from your scalp, but will also remove buildup from your face so you go to bed feeling fresh.

Low Poo Delight / Low Poo Original

These low-lather cleansers make for great body washes, which we love when traveling. Less bottles to pack and then unpack at security! Because they’re packed with the moisture that curls crave, they’re great for skin, too!

One Condition Decadence / One Condition Original

To keep your skin moisturized and protected, especially in the colder months, you can use your favorite DevaCurl conditioner as a shave cream!

B’Leave In Curl Plumper

This volumizer can work double-duty on the occasions in which you decide to wear a straight style. Apply B’Leave In to the roots of your hair before blowdrying to keep your locks from falling flat. **Don’t forget your thermal protectant, too, and follow with a moisture treatment to get your curls back into shape!**

Supercream Coconut Styler

This cream is one of our favorites for curly hair because of the moisture-boost it gives while defining curls! Because of the moisture and hold components of Supercream, it can double as an Edge Tamer or Pomade when you’re wearing updo styles and ponytails. Add a small amount around your edges to prevent frizz and hold your flyaways in place!