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Winter Hair Tips

The changing of seasons affects much more than our moods and our closets! Your hair reacts to the changes in weather just as other parts of your body do, and we’re offering up our TOP TIPS for Winter Hair Care to keep you prepared for the cooler weather ahead!

Beware of Wool Hats : While they keep you cozy and warm on the coldest mornings, wool hats often pull on the hair and cause stress - particularly at the nape of the neck. Opt for another material that is more gentle, particularly if you are a Curlista!

Dry Scalp : The dry air of the cold seasons causes dry scalp for many people, leading to uncomfortable itching and shedding. You may require additional treatments in the winter to tend to dry skin/scalp issues. We recommend our custom blend Exfoliation treatment, which you can receive under the steamer in-salon and also purchase a take-home version to save time and money until warm weather returns!

Transition Now : Cold weather seasons are the best time to transition! If you’ve been considering going natural, now is the time to commit to the change! Certain products, like oils, will help you to moisturize your natural locks without affecting your winter styling. By the time summer comes around, your new routine will be more comfortable and you can avoid the temptation of heat styling during the winter with your stylist supporting your transition.

Moisturize Meticulously : With the dryness of the winter air, your hair and scalp will require much more moisture than usual to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free. Ensure you are using a Leave-In Conditioner and, most importantly, get your Hydration Steam Treatments every month to avoid needing damage-recovery when Spring comes back around!

PREBOOK : Our most important winter tip is to pre-book your holiday appointments! Every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas we receive an abundance of calls from clients looking for last minute appointments as they prepare for family visits, photoshoots, and holiday events. Our stylists have limited time available around these major dates so please plan ahead, book your appointment as soon as you know when you’ll require services, and keep your appointment as scheduled! This helps our team ensure they are accommodating as many clients as possible while also ensuring they don’t become overbooked and overwhelmed!